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Philux Int'l
Sactisfaction in Security
Philux Int'l specialize on vehicle tracking and asset management, catering for both personal and business users. We are widely recognized as the leading automated car tracking and fleet management provider in Nigeria.

whatever is the size of your business Philux Int'l delivers professional fleet management and car tracking solutions  tailored to suit  your need to ensure your business run smoothly, minimal disruption, peace of mind and will give you a competitive edge



Research as shown that car thefts has risen to 90% (from 84% in 2012) showing the increasing sophistication of car criminals. At Philux, we offer a range of car tracking solutions that protect your vehicles and also assist you in recovering your vehicles in the event of theft. We're proud to say that over 95% of stolen vehicles fitted with our Car tracking devices are returned to their owner, and 86% of these are recovered within 24 hours of reporting.
Our fleet management system provides you with the ability to monitor and manage your driver’s performance also improve fleet utilization, because we understand that any business with vehicles and other assets can benefit from fleet tracking. In today's economic climate and with rising fuel prices, businesses are working hard to improve processes and cut waste in any way they can. Philux fleet tracking solution give you the information you need to make informed decisions and improve the efficiency of your fleets, saving time, fuel and money and increasing customer satisfaction