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Fleet Management
Our fleet management system provides you with the ability to monitor and manage your driver’s performance also improve fleet utilization, because we understand that any business with vehicles and other assets can benefit from fleet tracking. In today's economic climate and with rising fuel prices, businesses are working hard to improve processes and cut waste in any way they can. Philux fleet tracking solution give you the information you need to make informed decisions and improve the efficiency of your fleets, saving time, fuel and money and increasing customer satisfaction. 
Besides the basic features (tracking by SMS or GPRS, SOS alarm, speed alarm, Geo-fence alarm, low power Alarm and engine stop etc.), it has below features:
1. Reduce speeding violation and other driver behaviors
2. Monitor and manage fuel usage.
3. Make better accurate decisions based on customer’s response.
4. Pin point the location of every vehicle in your fleet
5. Increase employee productivity
6. Have access to vehicle that are fully utilized and the ones that are
7. Reduce operational expenses and improve ROI